The Benefits of Massage Therapy in Children

Just like food, exercise and good care, touching is an essential element in the sound development of a child. Nowadays, children are brought into the fast pace of life very early on. Caught between play, school, sports and countless demands, children have a good deal of stress. Stress raises blood pressure, lessens the immune defence and can contribute to problems such as obesity, attention deficit disorder, hyperactivity and depression. All of these consequences can force the child to live reactively, in the mode of defence, flight and combat.

Studies have shown that the brains of children who have received massages are more stimulated by 20 to 30%. Massage has an effect on stress hormones, causing the recipient to be more calm, attentive and collaborative. Massage can allow to get rid of major stresses, bring balance back to the body, improve sleep and even help in avoiding taking some medications. Those who have had the chance to benefit from massage therapy can attest to the benefits it can give children.

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