Satisfaction 100% Guaranteed

or Your Money Back

We guarantee you a professional quality experience. If you are not completely satisfied with our customer service and/or your therapist during your visit to one of our clinics, within 24 hours of your treatment, we will refund your entire payment upon presentation of the original receipt.

*** Note that we cannot guarantee the outcome of treatments as too many factors influence the healing process.

Our guarantee applies to all services offered in clinic.

If most retail and grocery stores, as well as health and food enhancement systems offer guarantees of satisfaction, why can't health providers do the same? We think it's time for a change.

We have decided to offer a money back guarantee for our services because we believe people shouldn't have to pay if they're not totally satisfied with the service they receive. We truly believe we offer fantastic services and we are happy to stand by that. If our clients aren't happy, then neither are we. Our guarantee means that if a client isn't happy with a consultation, they will get their money back for that session.

This guarantee gives our clients peace of mind so they can completely focus on getting back to health sooner.

The risk is entirely on us!