Fueling your performance

There are several things to watch out for when it comes to fueling sports performance; some basic rules for optimal pre-workout or pre-competition feeding.

To have enough energy, avoid intestinal discomfort or a drop in your energy levels, we want to do the following:

1) Adjust your diet according to the moment you will be training or competing
3h-4h before: Full meal

  • Pasta with chicken and tomato sauce, 1 glass of milk and 1 fruit
  • Sauteed tofu and vegetables with rice and 1 fruit

2 hours before: Light meal or snack:

  • Ham sandwich with 1 fruit
  • Bowl of cereal with 1 fruit

1 hour before: High carbohydrate snack (may have a small amount of protein)

  • Soft bar OR Muffin / homemade cake (without nuts)
  • Bread with jam

30 min before: High carbohydrate snack

  • Fruit OR fruit juice
  • Fruit compote

2) AVOID certain foods before training or competition:

a) Foods rich in fat because they are too long to digest. (chips, butter, pastries, cheese, nuts, fatty meat, fried foods ..)

b) Foods rich in fiber (Salad, legumes, whole grain products ..) According to the tolerance inter-individual certain foods are tolerated before a physical effort in an individual and not in another individual. Make sure you are able to digest the food you eat before your activity, especially if it is a competition / event.

c) Foods that are too rich in simple carbohydrates (sweets, caramel, soft drink, etc.) raise blood sugar levels before the sport and then there is a risk of hypoglycemia during the sport.

3) Getting well hydrated during training or competition

Dehydration decreases performance. It can lead to fatigue, headaches, muscle cramps, increased risk of heat stroke .. (& remember to rehydrate during the sport!)


1) Control your diet according to the moment that the sport will be practiced

2) Avoid fat, fiber and sugars in large quantities before the sport

3) Get well hydrated

Thanks to Équipe Nutrition for the collaboration: https://equipenutrition.ca/en