Christian Lord - Physiotherapist

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Christian Lord


M.Sc. P.T.

Christian graduated from the University of Montreal in physiotherapy in 2010. He’s been working at Action Sport Physio Boucherville and Longueuil clinics since the beginning of his internship in 2006 as a physio aid. 

Christian loves many different sports, which lead to his interest in sports injuries. In 2006, he took a sports first responder course. He’s been the physiotherapist for the University of Montreal men’s soccer team, the Carabins, since his graduation. During his studies he was the student physiotherapist for the team. Christian is also involved with other sports teams and likes to cover a variety of events. His involvement allowed him to assist at 2 Canadian soccer Championships in 2011 in the Canadian West.

Since his graduation, he spends his time perfecting his skills in manual therapy and he demonstrates an interest for several different domains, such as running. He took a specialized course on running in 2010 to help runners of all kinds.

In his spare time, Christian likes to play cosom hockey, badminton, as well as go downhill skiing and cross country skiing. He loves all kinds of sports such as mountain climbing, running and much more.