Olivia Valentini - Physical Rehabilitation Therapist

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Olivia Valentini

Physical Rehabilitation Therapist

Olivia completed her training in Physical Rehabilitation Therapy from Dawson College in 2019 where she had the privilege to work with a wide variety of patients spanning anywhere between athletic injuries, geriatrics, post operative rehab, and pulmonary rehabilitation. She truly found her passion working in orthopedics (muscle and joint pain/injury) because of how differently any given person may present with a same diagnosis. This fostered an individual and patient based approach to listen, and help patients work through pain at their own pace while also helping discover ways to manage their pain at home in the long run. 

Olivia is eager to learn new skills and her approach as a Physical Rehabilitation Therapist is a combination between manual therapy, specific and targeted exercises, and teaching methods to continue living life without having pain limit any of your activities. Her main focus is to make sure patients don't feel discouraged by their injuries and can return to working, hobbies, and passions as soon as possible.

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