Gabriel Marcogliese - Physical Rehabilitation Therapist and Personal Trainer

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Montreal - Downtown

Gabriel Marcogliese

Physical Rehabilitation Therapist and Personal Trainer

Gabriel graduated with a DEC in Physical Rehabilitation Therapy (TRP) in 2015 as part of Dawson College's first graduating class in the technical program, and aims to eventually pursue a degree in Physiotherapy. 

Specifically interested in areas of fitness and nutrition, Gabriel is also a certified personal trainer, often integrating areas of strength and conditioning into his practice. Other areas of interest include pain science and chronic pain. Gabriel believes that a lot of health problems we see today are due to a lack of movement and a sedentary lifestyle. He applies an active, highly individualized, and holistic approach to his clients' treatments. His practice highlights the importance of psychosocial factors and how they play a crucial role in the management and outcomes of his patient’s treatment. 

Gabriel continues to stay up-to-date with the latest research in his field and treats using an evidenced-based approach. Continuing education courses include: McKenzie Method, Selective Functional Movement Assessment (SFMA), and Functional Movement Screen (FMS). 

In true Montréal style, Gabriel loves hockey (the Montréal Canadiens no less) and participating in team sports like soccer and basketball. His spare time is often filled with lifting weights, travel, hiking, reading, and music.

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