Mélanie Jardot - Massage Therapist and Kinesitherapist

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Mélanie Jardot

Massage Therapist and Kinesitherapist

Graduate of Kine-concept massage therapist program, Mélanie Jardot is a gold level member of the Federation Quebecois of Massage therapist (FQM), as both a sport massage therapist and Kinesitherapist.

Her journey into massage therapy holistic medicine started in 2003 when moving to Quebec, to pursue her passion: the study of the human body. To satisfy her curiosity, she continues a journey of learning by perfecting her approach.

Each of her sessions is tailored to meet the individual's needs and to treat a specific condition.

She has over ten years of experience with massage therapy in the treatment of musculoskeletal pain, and she approaches her work using various techniques such as deep tissue massage, trigger points therapy, Actif isolated stretching (AIS), therapy myofascial structural, K-tapping, pregnant woman massage, integrated fasciatherapy.