Annie  Jubinville - Massage Therapist and Physical Rehabilitation Therapist

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Annie Jubinville

Massage Therapist and Physical Rehabilitation Therapist

Certified Sports Massage Therapist ©, T.R.P. , Sports first responder

Since October 2016, Annie is a certified sports massage therapist accredited by the Canadian Sports Massage Therapists Association (CSMTA) and she is vice president of its Quebec Chapter.

She graduated from the Kiné-Concept Institute in the following courses: Sports Massage (2010) - Introduction to Trager - Chair Massage - Swedish Kinetic Massage - Introduction to Fascia Therapy. She is also a physical rehabilitation therapist and graduated in 2006 from Collège Marie-Victorin.

Her practical on-field experience is varied: local sporting events, Cirque du Soleil, Quebec and Canadian Men's and Women's Gymnastics Championships, Quebec and Canadian Judo Championships, Repentigny U18 M AAA Canadian Soccer Championship and several regional competitions.

Annie is passionate about life and health. She loves taking care of people and her expertise makes her a very competent person in musculoskeletal conditions. She is very determined and loves new challenges. She likes to understand what she's doing and that's what motivates her to constantly improve herself. She has a particular interest in sports injuries and in preventing them.