Andrew Santalucia - Athletic Therapist

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Montreal West

Andrew Santalucia

Athletic Therapist

Athletic Therapist BSc., CAT(C)

Andrew graduated from Concordia University with distinction in the Excercise Science Program, specializing in Athletic Therapy.

In the past several years, Andrew has interned for several varsity and collegiate sports teams as both an on-field and clinical therapist. He has treated a wide range of acute and chronic injuries both in the athletic and general population with great success. Andrew has worked as a conditioning and fitness coach for more than 4 years and is able to progress his clients to a level that they had not yet achieved prior to injury.

Andrew's passion for physical therapy and well-being had stemmed from his extensive background in sports. As a former hockey and football player, on top of having various athletic hobbies such as soccer, baseball, competitive swimming, alpine skiing and weightlifting, he knows what it takes to operate at peak performance and furthermore, understands the struggle of being stricken by injury.

Andrew is an easy-going, confident and energetic therapist that allows his clients to feel welcome in the clinic and comfortable with his wide array of techniques. He is ready to take on any potential challenge in hopes of becoming a successful therapist to any client, regardless of lifestyle.

Techniques: McKenzie Approach, electrotherapy, McConnell taping, personal trainning programs, manual therapy, myofacial release, muscle-activation techniques