Marie-Pier Salvas - Physiotherapist

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Marie-Pier Salvas


M.Sc. P.T.

Marie-Pier obtained her master’s degree in Physiotherapy from the University of Montreal in 2018 and completed her training as a Sports First Responder that same year. While training at the University of Montreal’s Sports Clinic, she obtained her certificate of accreditation for peripheral joint manipulations and is interested in manual therapy (which helps relieve the pain associated with muscle and joint problems). From the University of Montreal, she also obtained a bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology, specialized in the evaluation of physical activity, analysis of movement and prescribing prevention and re-adaptation programs.

Her first passion: people! Her second: to help them rapidly resume their normal activities, being sport-related or not!

Sports attracted her to many things, especially physiotherapy. This passion led her to this profession, which allows her to use her knowledge to help high-level athletes, occasional sports enthusiasts or a tuba player who has a sore “bach”, back on their feet!

As a real fan of the NFL and of the NHL – ask her which teams she roots for! – Marie-Pier particularly likes contact sports and treating the injuries and the small aches and pains they can cause. Having always been a dancer, she also knows what can prevent young dancers or figure skaters from returning to the dance floor or on the ice.