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Town of Mount Royal

Marie-Noëlle Bessette



Marie-Noëlle has always had great interest in manual therapies and osteopathy has been an obvious choice in her career. The association of science and palpatory art, the development of a relationship with her patients and the opportunity to contribute to their well-being are her main sources of motivation. She is known for her ability to provide gentle care, her professionalism and her listening skills.

Constantly searching for the cause of pain, Marie-Noëlle adapts her approach to obtain a permanent relieve. She uses mainly muscular, fascial, visceral and cranial techniques according to the general patient’s state of health and the reason for their visit. Newborn to elderly consult her to prevent and cure various conditions.

She recently wrote an essay about the place osteopathy can take in the prevention of pelvic floor lesions during childbirth.

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