Marie-Eve Gauvreau - Osteopath and doula

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Marie-Eve Gauvreau

Osteopath and doula

B.Sc. Osteo, D.O., MOQ

Marie-Eve started her career in 2003 as a physical rehabilitation therapist, working in private and hospital settings as well as on the field. Her interest in a sports clientele brought her to work with athletes from several sports and all the way to a national level. She then studied at the College of Osteopathic Studies (CEO) in Montreal and completed a bachelor's degree in osteopathy approved by the University of Wales, United Kingdom. She then obtained her diploma in osteopathy (D.O.) and became a member of Ostéopathie Québec. Since 2009, she’s been working as an osteopath at Action Sport Physio St-Bruno, which allows her to pursue a career with a variety of athletes, amateurs and elite alike.

Having always been amazed by children, her desire to work with this clientele was confirmed even more so when she discovered motherhood. She thus orientated in obstetric, perinatal and pediatric osteopathy. In order to perfect her knowledge, she then trained as a doula. She has all the tools to serve this clientele with specific needs.

You may consult her for a variety of reasons: musculoskeletal problems; cervical, back, lumbar or caudal pain; headaches, migraines, insomnia; digestive problems; breathing difficulties; ear infections, sinus infections, vertigo; menstrual pain; urinary issues; gynaecological problems; undesirable symptoms or pain during pregnancy; childbirth preparation; breastfeeding issues, newborn sucking problems; torticollis, plagiocephaly; gastroesophageal reflux, regurgitation; depression, exhaustion, stress, anxiety; neurological disorders; etc. 

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