Louise  David - Biomechanical Analysis and Foot Orthototics

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Louise David

Biomechanical Analysis and Foot Orthototics

A bachelor's degree in exercise physiology from UQAM and a Master’s from University of Montreal. Working in the foot orthototics field for 20 years, I became part owner of a orthtotics laboratory almost 3 years ago, I'm always searching for new products, materials, new technology, etc. Continued participation at several seminars in Canada and the United States relating to the foot orthototics field. 

Implicated in several sport related fields as an athlete/trainer or parent: figure skating, running, tennis, basketball, downhill skiing, soccer and equestrian sports. My knowledge of several different sports allows me to better understand the needs of my clientele concerning their activities. My work allows me to meet interesting and passionate people.

I am still very involved in sports with 2 teens (hockey and equestrian sports) and daily activities such as walking and horseback riding.