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Julie Gazard


Julie Gazard began practicing acupuncture in Cambodia in 2013. Training for nearly 15 years at the Song Long khiên Duong Vietnamese martial arts school, of which one motto is "You cannot hope to grow if you are not ready to change ", her journey is the result of a long personal quest that led her to modify in depth her lifestyle, her vision of the world and her vocation.

Having discovered tai chi and qi gong at the age of 20, it is the practice of this age-old energetic art that guided her in her professional reorientation. When she began studying traditional Chinese medicine at the École de la Cour Jaune in Marseille, in parallel to her career as a web designer, and began to share her passion for Chinese energy, teaching qi gong classes, she did not even see herself becoming an acupuncturist. A few years later, the opportunity to live in Asia enabled her to realize her dream of going to the source of traditional teachings. She then underwent a clinical internship at the Association of Traditional Vietnamese Medicine and Acupuncture in Ho Chi Minh City and, as a result of this experience, offered her acupuncture services in the French medical practice of Dr. Michel Sebban in Phnom Penh.

Based in Montreal since the summer of 2014, she is now registered with the Ordre des Acupuncteurs du Québec after returning to study in the Acupuncture Department of Rosemont College to perfect her knowledge and obtain the entire equivalency of her training.

Her therapeutic approach is in keeping with the Taoist methods of "nourishing and cultivating life" (Yang Sheng Fa). Julie Gazard offers to those who consult her the results of her experience and her skills to guide them towards a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being.

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