Jeanne Liard - Physiotherapist

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Saint-Eustache / Deux-Montagnes

Jeanne Liard


M.Sc. P.T.

Jeanne received her master’s degree in Physiotherapy from the University of Montreal in 2016. After leaving university, she joined the new team of Action Sport Physio Saint-Eustache / Deux-Montagnes.

During her university studies, Jeanne took a course on urinary problems in women and discovered a genuine interest in it. She decided to continue her training in pelvic and perineal re-education by enrolling in a graduate microprogram at the University of Montreal. As a new mom of an adorable little girl, Jeanne can perfectly understand the reality of women in the postpartum period, having experienced it herself.

Jeanne has a passion for sports, especially volleyball. She actually attended an excellence in volleyball sport-study program in high school, where she participated in several national championships and a World Championship in Croatia in 2006. When she was younger, she also did gymnastics, basketball and diving.

Jeanne is happy to make the most of her academic training, her involvement in sports and her experience as a young mum to offer you treatments that are effective, professional and tailored to your needs.