Jean-Luc  Perreault - Director and Head Physiotherapist

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Jean-Luc Perreault

Director and Head Physiotherapist

B.Sc. P.T.

After graduating in '86 from the University of Montreal, Jean-Luc Perreault has always worked in sports medicine.  He worked with many sport teams and has treated many professional athletes and amateurs during the years.  He has always been surrounded by an excellent profesional team.  He has taught sports traumatology for 3 years to graduating students at the University of Ottawa.  He was a member of the Order of Professional Physiotherapists of Quebec as Head of physiotherapy in Quebec.  As he is personally involved in golf and tennis, Jean-Luc has a special interest in chest injuries which are often the basis of muscular injuries.  

He competes in cross-country skiing, in basketball, in golf and of course, in running.  As he still practices these sports he knows how important it is to recover quickly in order to perform adequately.  Co-owner and co-founder of the Synergie clinics, he practices in both companies. Jean-Luc is currently responsible for the operation of the ASP clinic in Piedmont. 

He is currently working, with other health professionals, on a pilot project for clinical research in manual therapy. Because of his professionalism and his competence, word of mouth is his unique publicity.  His client satisfaction is still and will always be his prime objective each day.


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