Isabelle Gingras - Yoga Instructor

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Montreal - Downtown

Isabelle Gingras

Yoga Instructor

Isabelle Gingras has been practicing yoga for over 15 years and meditation for 20 years. She received certifications from the Tara Centre of Mado St-Cyr (2004) and the Iyengar / Ashtanga School of Hart Lazer (Advanced Teacher Training, 2007). She has continued to deepen her knowledge through specialized trainings with Dona Fahri (Workshop Yoga For Sciatica, 2008), Father Joe (Therapeutic, 2007), Hart Lazer (Master Class Series, 2009) and Ramanand Patel (Pelvic Work, 2008).

She also studied Buddhism and Heart Yoga (Diamond Mountain University, 2006). Over the years, she has taught several yoga and meditation retreats as well, in Guatemala and Mexico. In 2012, Isabelle has a network of yoga practitioners and teachers, and she created Yogiyoga.

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