Hugues  Fontaine - Physiotherapist

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Hugues Fontaine


M.Sc. P.T.

A few years ago, Hugues started playing rugby. Although a formidable sport, it required him to consult physiotherapists to help heal injuries that occurred during games. Through the client-centered approach of the physiotherapists he himself experienced, this profession attracted him and lead him to study in this field. He graduated from Université de Sherbrooke in May of 2013.

While at university, he gained experience with various clienteles through six internships in completely different environments, including one at the Port-au-Prince Hospital in Haiti. This amazing experience, both from the point of view of discovering another culture and having to be autonomous in difficult clinical situations, was very enriching at the personal and academic levels.

Passionate about sports of all kinds, Hugues is a certified 2.0 expert from the Running Clinic, the most advanced course currently available in the field of health through running and injury prevention related to this activity, which he practices several times a week.