Guy Razy - Owner and Physiotherapist

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Guy Razy

Owner and Physiotherapist

Guy graduated from McGill Kinesiology program in 2005 and from the Masters of Physical Therapy program in 2010. Guy has focused on spinal mobility and rehabilitation with McKenzie level D and Mulligan upper/lower/pelvis certifications. Back pain tends to be one of the biggest contributors to disability and correcting it helps people return to daily activity. His background in strength and conditioning has given him an appreciation for the required exercises athletes and the public need to return to play and how to grade them. He is an Agatsu Kettlebell coach and a competitive powerlifter. His other passion is correcting type 2 diabetes. He’s been a team leader for 5 years and has joined Action Sport Physio as the best vehicle to bring advanced therapeutic techniques to the public.

Guy has been involved in sport for 25 years and in rehabilitation for 13. If you can lift it, he likely tried. After working in private industry, the public health and in government he has decided to focus on the rehabilitation and training. Action Sport Physio gives Guy the best vehicle to deliver that. 

Physiotherapy is the act of using manual therapy, education and exercise to help patients return to play and daily activities. Most injuries sustained by injury or illness can be reversed or controlled by some combination of rehabilitative techniques. 

Guy is going to listen to what happened to you and how it effects your life. He'll do physical testing to determine a likely cause and begin treatment immediately. His goal? To quickly return his patients to maximal capacity.

Follow-up will include a review of the exercises, manual or mechanical therapy will be applied based on what's happening. Depending on what he sees other services may be called in. 

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