Fiona Houghton - Massage Therapist

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Montreal - Downtown

Fiona Houghton

Massage Therapist

With 25 years of experience as a registered massage therapist whose clientele has included Olympic, world and national athletes, Fiona specialises in auto-immune conditions causing chronic musculo-skeletal pain (fibromyalgia) and referred pain caused by neuromuscular trigger points.

She is a certified myofascial bodywork practitioner, CORE Institute (USA) and a qualified prenatal massage therapist.

Myofascial release - CORE body work focuses on the relationship between the structure and the function of the muscle system (myo) and connective tissue (fascia). Ideal for the high-performance athlete who requires optimal physical form.

Sports massage – Based on Swedish massage techniques with a kinetic approach so as to relieve biomechanical restrictions and lactic acid build-up as well as promote flexibility and prevent further injury.

Neuromuscular Trigger Point - A specific approach to relieve pain and referred pain, lifestyle tension and stress; ideal for lower back and neck problems, repetitive strain injuries, migraine headaches and fibromyalgia. The technique is combined with Swedish massage so as to relieve specific tender spots with an added component of relaxation.

Her motto: Reduce stress by adding PRESSURE. Listen to your body – let the therapist work!