Félix-Olivier Brochu - Owner and Physiotherapist

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Laval Laval West (Ste-Dorothée)

Félix-Olivier Brochu

Owner and Physiotherapist

M.Sc. P.T.

Félix-Olivier received a master’s degree in physiotherapy from Université de Sherbrooke in 2015. His passion for sports led him to physiotherapy, especially when he broke his leg skiing at the age of 13.

He also played soccer for his university team, the Université de Sherbrooke Vert et Or, during 2 years. In his free time, he enjoys soccer, hockey, tennis and jogging.

Félix-Olivier is also interested in furthering his knowledge through continuing education. He has already taken manual therapy courses (levels 1 and 2), a sports first responder course and recently completed a course on concussions. He is currently studying spinal and peripheral joint manipulation and plans to pursue various manual therapy courses in the near future.