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Christophe Szumski



After many years at Action Sport Physio in partnership with the whole team, Christophe has acquired a solid reputation. He has become an indisputable reference for many elite athletes of different sports allowing him to travel across the world to several competition sites.

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I have been a duathlete since 1997 and a triathlete since 2000. I have competed in two sprint triathlon world championships, Age Group category -- I won silver in Melbourne, Australia (2002) and gold in Edmonton, Canada (2005). I also participated in 2 Olympic distance duathlon world championships, Age Group category, in Concord, North Carolina, U.S. (2009), where I finished 20th, and in Edinburgh, Scotland (2010), where I finished 15th. From 2009 to 2011, I suffered from several injuries common to athletes – to the hip, knee and heel. In January 2012, I decided to face the problem head on and to consult Christophe Szumski, who is considered one of the best osteopaths for amateur and elite athletes at Action Sport Physio. He helped me with my posture to achieve a good balance with my body and taught me the right strengthening, flexibility and mobility exercises. He also made me understand and implement the right eating habits necessary to increase my sports performance and vitality. Since May 2012, all my problems have been solved and I perform better than ever! I am ready for the duathlon world championship in Nancy (France), in which I will compete on September 23 as part of the Canadian duathlon team. I thank the West Island Action Sport Physio clinic, as well as Christophe Szumski, for helping me get back on my feet quickly and for being able to perform at the national and international levels.