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Maisonneuve Rosemont

Camille Prégent


Camille has been interested in alternative medicines and the strong correlation between body and mind since her teen years. Initiated into yoga and taiji chuan at the age of 16, she has experienced considerable benefits that motivate her to deepen her knowledge.

In 2012, she completed her first yoga faculty training at the Rama Lotus Centre in Ottawa. Curious to go to the source of traditional teachings, she left for India the following year and decided to take a course in Ayurveda and complete a course in therapeutic yoga. In the summer of 2014, she completed all 6 levels of yoga-thai massage training at Lotus Palm School with Kam Thye Chow, a student from Asokananda. She also follows several other complementary training courses in Canada and abroad. Back in Quebec since 2016, her growing interest in Taoist arts and Chinese philosophy inspired her to pursue shiatsu training at the Guijek Institute in 2016. Graduated in May 2017, she uses Chinese energy in both her professional and personal life.

It is with determination and humility that she offers her care to people of all ages and physical conditions to lead them towards a better life by accompanying them in the transformation and healing of their discomforts.

Camille cares about her health and that of her loved ones. According to her, physical activity, quality time spent in nature, a balanced diet according to her constitution and lifestyle, laughter and meditation are part of the healthy lifestyle to adopt. She regularly practices dance, running, swimming, hiking/trekking, yoga and qi gong. Her therapeutic approach is based on somatic education, traditional oriental medicines and flexibility of execution to share her knowledge in a spirit of kindness and generosity while adapting the pace and depth of her treatments to the needs of each individual.

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