April Edwards - Physiotherapist

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Montreal - Downtown

April Edwards


M.Sc. P.T.

April graduated with a Masters in Physical Therapy from University of Montréal in 2013.

Leading an active and healthy lifestyle has always been very important to her. She loves to practice physical activity, specifically running, and has a high interest in treating injuries related to this sport.

April is always continuing to learn and bettering her knowledge by taking part in post graduate courses such as Sports First Responder, Neuroproprioceptive Taping and Prevention in Running Injuries.

She is also completing Advanced Manual Therapy classes in order to obtain the Advanced Diploma in Manual Therapy. Currently, she has completed, level II Lower Quadrant and  Upper Quadrant.

As a Physical Therapist, April’s main goal is to involve the patient as much as possible in the process of rehab by explaining the pathology and by giving her/him the most tools to succeed and get back to their normal life.