Anne  St-Jacques - Nutritionist and Kinesiologist

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Anne St-Jacques

Nutritionist and Kinesiologist

Anne St-Jacques has a bachelor’s degree in nutrition from the University of Laval and holds a Bachelor’s degree in kinesiology from the same university. During her studies, she had the opportunity to work on a research study on the treatment and prevention of obesity (Groupe de recherche en traitement et prévention de l’obésité) at the University of Laval and as consultant on physical activity. 

During her practice as nutritionist, she was an outreach worker and organiser of the choose to lose weight?(choisir de maigrir?) program and was trained in different approaches aiming to help individuals change their habits. For more than seven years she has worked at the nutrition clinic at the Montreal Heart Institute and has developed her consulting firm in nutrition-physical activity with the hope of helping people acquire and maintain healthy living habits. She has also developed an expertise in sports nutrition in order to guide people in the eating choices therefore obtaining better performances in their sport of choice. In her individual consultations, 

Anne offers a personalized approach with a combination of recommendations to better answer to her client’s needs, depending on the degree of motivation, as well as maximising chances of success in health and/or performance objectives.

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