Amelia Kingsley - Osteopath

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Amelia Kingsley


B.Sc. D.O.

Amelia joined Action Sport Physio in the summer of 2014 after completing her diploma in Osteopathy. Before becoming an osteopath, Amelia obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in Physiology initiating a passion for how the body works. Osteopathy takes the global body approach to healing and as the body is always in search for equilibrium, physiological functions can decline due to various stresses. Becoming an osteopath has allowed Amelia to use her palpation skills along with logic and her knowledge of the physiology of the human body to determine how the body’s structure is affecting the function and make the necessary corrections to relieve her patient’s discomfort. Whether it is through manual, visceral or cranial techniques, Amelia will determine the best treatment plan for each patient’s unique situation. Committed to the wellbeing of each patient that enters her office her main objective is always to restore mobility and proper balance of tissues in a compassionate setting and answer any questions the patient may have. The goal is always to return patient to their optimal health with prevention of reoccurance of the discomfort.

Amelia is always working to finesse her skills to better help her patients. A believer in continuing education, since obtaining her diploma in Osteopathy, she has taken courses with the International Association of Health Care Educators (IAHE) in CranioSacral therapy as well as Somato-Emotional Release.

Amelia enjoys the variety of treating patients of all ages: from infants to the elderly. Osteopathic treatments can benefit individuals at any stage of their life as it works to enhance proper function within the body and decrease discomfort.