Amelia Kingsley - Osteopath

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Amelia Kingsley


B.Sc. D.O.

Amelia joined Action Sport Physio in the summer of 2014 after having completed her certification in osteopathy. Before becoming an osteopath, Amelia had previously worked with a variety of sports teams at Bishop’s University as an assistant to the athletic therapists, while completing her bachelor of science degree in physiology.

Amelia’s primary goal as an osteopath is to help her patients achieve results that will restore their proper balance and function. She enjoys working with a variety of individuals ranging from athletes suffering from new or chronic injuries, and helping them return to their sport, to new babies and mothers adjusting to life post-partum. Treatment reasons for a new baby can include plagiocephaly (head malformation), earaches, colic, regurgitation and reflux, suction problems, sleep disorders, joint problems or simply for an exam after birth.

Amelia uses a gentle manual approach to treat a variety of problems, including headaches, dizziness, neck pain, back pain, tendinitis, joint problems, chronic sinusitis, digestive problems and sleep disorders such as sleep apnea. In all cases, the objective of treatment is to restore mobility and proper balance of tissues in the body in order to help the person recover to optimal health.

When Amelia is not treating patients, she can be found playing golf at the Old Lennoxville Golf Course, where is she is an active member of the women’s league committee, jogging or playing tennis.