Alain Scheldeman - CEO, Action Sport Medicine International

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Alain Scheldeman

CEO, Action Sport Medicine International

Alain graduated from McGill University in 1983 with a Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy. During the same year, he completed his Canadian Athletic Therapy Certification. He is a licensed physiotherapist and certified athletic therapist. He is a member of l’Ordre des professionnels de la physiothérapie du Québec and the Canadian Athletic Therapists Association. He also teaches at the University of Montreal in the Department of Physical Therapy.

Since graduation, Alain has continued to demonstrate an interest in physical and sports medicine. He has attended various athletic events including the 1990, 1992 and 1996 World Junior Figure Skating Championships and the 1997 World Figure Skating Championship in Lausanne, Switzerland. With a particular interest in figure skating, he was the coordinating therapist of the Canadian Figure Skating Association for more than 5 years. He also participated in the 1988 Winter Olympics in Calgary. From 1984 to 1987, Alain was head therapist for the Montreal Alouettes/Concords football team. With the return of professional football in Montreal in 1996, Alain once again coordinated the sports medicine services for the Montreal Alouettes Football Club until 2000. In 2002 he became the medical coordinator for the Montreal Impact soccer team.

Always remaining current on various topics in the field of physical and sports medicine, Alain has taken additional professional training in manual therapy, acupuncture, muscle energy, myofascial release, patella femoral disorders according to the McConnell approach and McKenzie back and neck care techniques.

Alain is one of the three founders of the Action Sport Physio network. He is the chief executive officer of Action Sport Medicine International, the franchisor and vice-president of Public Relations. He is responsible for the development of the network.

Outside of his professional activities, he enjoys playing tennis, hockey and golf. During the summer months, if he is not at the clinic or at the franchisor’s office, you will find him participating in outdoor sports.


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In 2011, I finished in 5th place at the Duathlon World Championship in Spain. As a competition enthusiast, I had previously competed in more than 25 running, decathlon and triathlon competitions during that year. In the course of that very busy season, I suffered from a very painful heel spur. Right after the world championship was over, I had to stop running for 6 months. I tried every possible health treatment under the sun and, finally, I turned to Shockwave therapy with Alain Scheldeman. I had already gone to Action Sport Physio and benefitted from the services of a physiotherapist, who had given me excellent practical advice to heal a plantar fasciitis and I did not hesitate to go to that clinic again. I met with Alain, the jovial owner of the clinic, and he gave me 3 Shockwave treatments. I was told it’s a painful treatment. To be honest, it turned out less bad than I thought. It only lasted 5 minutes and the pain diminished with every session. Then, on Alain’s recommendations, I gradually started running again 6 weeks later. I was pleasantly surprised by Alain’s exceptional follow-up. Even after therapy was over, he kept asking me how I was doing. Alain was really taking my healing to heart and I found it reassuring to have such a support. This year (2012), I have gone back to competing. I perform at the same rhythm as last year, minus the pain. I get great pleasure from training for my new goal: the Half Ironman World Championship (on September 9, 2012). And to avoid injuring myself again, I now see Christophe Szumski, an osteopath for amateur and elite athletes at Action Sport Physio. He helps me correct my posture so that I perform at my very best. Also, he guides me nutrition-wise so that I tap into my full potential during the many competitions. His help has become indispensable. In other words, I feel lucky to be able to count on a team as professional and dedicated as this one. I have not hesitated to refer many of my friends to Action Sport Physio (West Island). I trust them completely!