The St-Jerome clinic, the 10th in the Action Sport Physio network, was founded in 2000. Since its opening, the clinic has had a continued growth in its clientele. The team now has more than 25 health professionals and consultants on site to meet the demands of our clients.

Our main objective is to be the place to go to for physical readaptation in St-Jérôme. In our goal to optimize the satisfaction of our patients, doctors and organizations, we strive to achieve incomparable results that will motivate people to recommend us to their family and friends. Our priorities are superior customer service, involvement in the community and maintaining a pleasant working environment.


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My 11 year old son Jonathan was suffering from tendinitis in the Achilles tendon in his right foot for over 6 months and treatment with relative rest, anti-inflammatory medicine and alternating ice / heat had little effect. So I decided to go for a physiotherapy consult at Action Sport Physio in an attempt to resolve the problem, especially since Jonathan is quite sporty and was getting tired of suffering whenever he was getting more active. We met Mathieu Poirier, physiotherapist, who very well supported us in the evaluation and treatment of Jonathan. With my training as family physician, I could easily judge his professionalism and expertise. I never doubted his ability to help my boy. And indeed, after a little more than two months of treatments, one session every 1 to 2 weeks, Jonathan is once again the young athletic man he always was before, without any back pain disturbing him. A big thank you to Mathieu and his team and congratulations for the terrific work done!