Established 25 years ago, Action Sport Physio St-Bruno has a team of 20 professionals who share the same goal: helping you get back into shape and back to life!  As soon as you enter the clinic, you will know that you are in good hands in our professional and pleasant atmosphere. Our multidisciplinary team will guide you towards the optimal treatments for your condition. We also work in collaboration with the CNESSTand SAAQ.

At Action Sport Physio St-Bruno, good communication between therapists and physicians is clearly the best road to rehabilitation. Supported by specialized doctors, having developed various services and treatments for our patients, being involved in community events and sports teams, Action Sport Physio St-Bruno has become the reference in rehabilitation in the area over the years!



Barons de Saint-Bruno (football)
Cardio Plein Air de Saint-Bruno / Saint-Basile-le-Grand​
CCRMSB – Club des Coureurs sur Route du Mont-Saint-Bruno
Club Impulsion (gymnastique/trampoline)
Karaté Sportif
Patinage St-Bruno





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I was operated on my right knee, and had a complete prosthetic knee replacement on March 22nd, 2012. My first appointment with Action Sport Physio was approximately 10 days later. I strongly believe that without the support and treatment of ASP, I would not have recovered to the point I am at now. My primary physio provider, Natalie Jean, was exceptionally firm and direct with me, had very good explanations, gave detailed and clear instruction to me at all times, and was professional and personable. She was very aggressive in her philosophy of treatment, which I believe greatly helped my recovery. She was quick to suggest supplemental treatment, in this case massage therapy, which allowed her the maximum time to work on the problem of knee deflection. In regards to treatment, I felt that the aggressive nature was beneficial. Mme Jean used her time effectively to manipulate my knee and insure the scar tissue was as flexible as possible, and after my surgical manipulations, had good plans to work towards the newfound flexibility and insure we used our time properly. She gave me detailed exercises for home use and insured my home-training regime developed as my treatment progressed. My massage therapist was very personable, professional and effective. When I was working with other staff members, they were also highly effective, and considerate of my well-being. The other support given me has always been effective, such as the administrators contacting me well in advance for appointments. Everybody tried their best to speak to me in English, and did their best to understand my French. Overall I was very happy with the efforts of Action Sport Physio and will be very happy to return there after my other knee operation.