The Laval clinic, formerly known as “Clinique Sportive Synergie”, opened its doors in September 1991 and later joined the Action Sport Physio group. Our multidisciplinary team and our expertise in sport therapy will ensure that you get the best evaluation and treatment possible in a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere.

You will be welcomed in a warm and courteous manner. Our team of over 20 professionals offers quality and superior treatment. We ensure that our clients receive a precise diagnostic and a rapid intervention.
Our clinic is spacious and is surrounded by a multitude of windows. Many rooms are at our clients’ disposal.
Our client satisfaction and our implication with local sport organizations make our clinic the name to remember to bring you... Back to life!



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Club de football les Bulldogs de Laval
Club de futsal Cinque Stelle
Équipe Nutrition
Ligue de Futsal 5 Étoiles
Passion Soccer Boutique
Soccer Fabrose
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Coming to your clinic after a visit to a physiatrist. Having undergone a I.R.M. cervical spine, the physiatrist noticed that I had two herniated discs, so he advised me to do physiotherapy. Following an initial meeting with Marilyn, she gave me many exercises to do at home to stabilize and strengthen muscles at the level of the cervical spine. It should be mentioned that one of the two hernias put pressure on my spinal cord, causing numbness in the arm and left leg. Additionally, at the neck mobility, there was clearly room for improvement. So, after several meetings to one per week, my mobility problems and numbness gradually disappeared. Thanks to the care and advice of Marilyn, I can practice my martial arts without problem.