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Montreal - Downtown

Vincent Chiche


Vincent is a native of France, where he studied in the sciences and the techniques of physical activities and sports. After obtaining his bachelor's degree in this domain, he mainly taught and supervised in this field.

His passion for travel and scuba diving took him around the world where, as a scuba guide, he took groups of divers through underwater sites.

During his travels and following injuries, he became acquainted with the world of therapy and it is upon arriving in Montreal that he decided to register at the Académie d’ostéopathie de Montreal to become an osteopath and intervene at yet another level.

After successfully graduating from the Académie d’ostéopathie, he quickly wished to deepen his knowledge and registered at  the Centre d’Études et de Recherche en Autorééducation-neuromusculaire (CERA), where he followed and completed the training in ostéodynamie™.

A long-time sports enthusiast, he recently became an amateur triathlete and is eager to offer a quality approach to a clientele he knows well. His training in osteopathy and ostéodynamie™ has given him the tools and knowledge to intervene with confidence.

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