Sabrina Sabelli - Vice-president of Operations and Physiotherapist

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Montreal West

Sabrina Sabelli

Vice-president of Operations and Physiotherapist

B.Sc. P.T.

Sabrina Sabelli graduated at McGill University in 2005 with a Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy and a Bachelor of Athletic Therapy at Concordia University in 2002.She began working at Action Sport Physio upon her graduation. She has completed various APTEI courses including the back, pelvis, sacroiliac joint, hip, shoulder and cervical spine. She has also completed the McKenzie courses for the cervical and lumbar spine, as well as a Mulligan course for the lower quadrant, and a manual therapy course.

In 2001-2002, she was a student athletic therapist for U-16 Lac St Louis Lakers soccer team and she was also the student athletic therapist for Lac St Louis Midget AAA hockey team. From 2003-2005, Sabrina was a certified personal trainer and a member de A.N.I.E. During that time she was also as fitness consultant and a member of the Canadian Exercise Physiology Association. Sabrina was a member of the Canadian National Synchronized Figure Skating Team from 1998-2003 where she won the Canadian Championships and placed third with her team at the World Championships.

When Sabrina is not at the clinic she enjoys rollerblading, figure skating, weight and cardio training.




While playing soccer I fell on my right knee. I could hardly walk off the field. The next day it wasn’t much better, so my dad took me into Action Sport Physio. There my knee was looked at and I found out I had bruised my knee bone. They put ice on my knee and gave me stretches. On Friday I was much better I could walk, run and do everything I did before I got injured. Thank you very much!!!