Louise-Anne Papineau - Massage Therapist

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Louise-Anne Papineau

Massage Therapist

Louise-Anne completed her certification in Kinetic Swedish Massage at the Kiné-Concept Institute. She is also a nuclear medicine technologist. With over more than 20 years of experience in the health care industry, her knowledge in the field is definitely an added bonus to her massages.  

Louise-Anne continued her education by studying sports massage. In addition, there are many other approaches that interest her such as, fascia therapy and neuromuscular therapy.

Louise-Anne takes to heart the health and well being of all of her patients, and she listens attentively to their needs. She is dynamic, enthusiastic, athletic, and has a passion for running. In the last 6 years she ran several half-marathons and is currently aiming to complete the full marathon. On her spare time she enjoys biking, alpine skiing, and hiking.