Kathryn Grzelak - Athletic Therapist

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West Island

Kathryn Grzelak

Athletic Therapist

Athletic Therapist B.Sc., CAT(C)


Kathryn is a Certified Athletic Therapist with the Canadian Athletic Therapy Association. She completed her undergraduate degree in Exercise Science with a Specialization in Athletic Therapy at Concordia University in May 2015 and certified with the national association in June 2015. Since then, Kathryn has been working on the field with a number of different sports teams, as well as at Mansfield Athletic Club as a Personal Trainer. She is currently the head athletic therapist for the women’s hockey team at CEGEP Andre-Laurendeau. Kathryn loves to work with teams and individuals of all ages. Understanding a patient’s individual needs and abilities are extremely important to her. She is very hands-on when it comes to clinical treatments and always puts emphasis on exercise programs to reinforce the manual techniques applied. Kathryn was a competitive swimmer for 9 years, and is currently playing on a recreational women’s soccer team.  She loves to travel, train and watch NFL football in her spare time!



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