Jun Zou

Athletic Therapist

M.Sc., CAT(C)

Jun is a Certified Athletic Therapist by the Canadian Athletic Therapy Association. Jun is also a licensed orthopedic surgeon in China with a master’s degree in clinical medicine.

Given Jun’s previous medical background, patients are always satisfied with his service which is beyond expectation. During his athletic therapy practice, Jun always looks for the root of problems instead of treats symptoms. Furthermore, Jun is very good at rephrasing complicated medical terms into simple daily words so that all his patients understand why they get the injuries and how to prevent.

Jun treats a wide range of patients with acute or chronic injuries, using various manual therapies, modalities, and exercise prescriptions. He can optimize the abilities of athletes, active people as well as the sedentary population so that they can enjoy the life with minimum pain and maximum performance.

Jun is passionate about injury prevention, rehabilitation as well as personal fitness training. He has worked with many types of sports teams in Montreal, including soccer, rugby, hockey, football, basketball, volleyball, badminton, lacrosse, etc. He is currently working towards a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS).