Danny Di Michele - Athletic Therapist, Exercise Rehab Expert, Personal Trainer and ProStudio Manager,

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Montreal West

Danny Di Michele

Athletic Therapist, Exercise Rehab Expert, Personal Trainer and ProStudio Manager,

B.Sc. Athletic Therapy, CAT(c)

Danny Di Michele is a Certified Athletic Therapist through the Canadian Athletic Therapists Association (CATA), a Certified Personal Trainer and Spinning Instructor through L'Association Nationale des Intervenants en Entraînement (ANIE) and the Canadian Society of Exercise Physiology (CSEP). Danny holds his Bachelor of Science degree from Concordia University in Athletic Therapy. Danny was the student Athletic Therapist during the 2008 season for the Concordia Stingers varsity football team.

In the summer of 2009, Danny was the Athletic Therapist for both the Canadian Corporate Soccer League and for the Lakeshore FC Boys U17 AAA soccer team. He worked as a personal trainer and fitness group class instructor at Nautilus Plus D.D.O. between 2008-2011. He also worked at Action Sport Physio Montreal-West as a treatment therapist between 2009-2011. 

In August 2011, Danny founded PROstudio, which is an exclusive fitness and rehabilitation facility devoted to strength & conditioning and manual therapy. 

Between winter and spring 2012, Danny had several interviews - question & answer - appearances with Tony Marinaro on Montreal's TSN 990 radio regarding strength & conditioning and his In It to Lose It program offered at the studio. 

Danny's expertise in strength & conditioning/active lifestyle along with his love for human anatomy, physiology and bio-mechanics is what differentiates himself from other health-care professionals and is what drives him to become better each and everyday. 

On his free time Danny enjoys playing ice hockey, working out & spending quality time with his friends & family.




I have been doing exercises since November 2010 with Danny following a period of physiotherapy with Ronny Varga for a knee injury I acquired from curling in the winter of 2010. Danny has been able to work with me to the point now I have gained the ability to walk without a cane and the return of my balance for safe ambulation. Following a consult with an orthopaedic surgeon it was established that surgery on the knee was not an option and the best method of treatment was exercise. Danny has been very diligent in working with me and establishing a regime that I have been able to do at home and with his supervision at the clinic twice a week. I am very grateful to Danny for the time, patience, perseverance and professionalism he has shown to me during my time at Action Sport Physio. I have now proceeded to join his new PROstudio and am working on improving my poor dietary habits, core strengthening exercises and a weight reduction regime. This is proving to be very motivational and Danny is making the exercises fun. The tool of taking pictures and having them available for review when doing the home work is a valuable asset. My sincere gratitude to Danny and I can only give him my praise and recommend him to others for his dedication to his work.