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Adrianna Mauchan

Patients services

Adrianna is pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Exercise Science at Concordia University with hopes of becoming a certified athletic therapist.

Being a lifeguard and swimming instructor for 4 years, Adrianna is an expert in first response and understands what it takes to care for one’s health.  This experience allowed her to interact with people of various ages and backgrounds, which gives her an edge in physical training as well as public relations.

Adrianna’s passion for health and physical activity stems from her participation in various sports from a young age.  She has been playing soccer and swimming competitively since the age of 6 and played for her high school’s basketball and touch football teams.  Adrianna also enjoys downhill skiing as well as running and weightlifting and in her spare time, she likes cooking and spending time with her friends and family.

Adrianna believes that true health comes from a balance of physical, mental and emotional well-being and it is this mentality that makes her successful regardless of the circumstances.

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