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At Action Sport Physio West Island, our team is made up of 30 of the best certified professionals in the field within the greater West Island area. As do all the professionals in Action Sport Physio’s network, our professionals strive to offer superior customer care in an enjoyable atmosphere and they pride themselves on helping you get back into shape and back to life!  

Our clinic, the first clinic in the Action Sport Physio network, was founded in 1987 at the Mirabel Tennis Club. We are community oriented and work in collaboration with the CNESST and SAAQ. 




3883 St-Jean Blvd, Suite 600 Dollard-des-Ormeaux, Quebec H9G 3B9
PHONE: 514 624-2424 Fax: 514 624-4494 Emergency: 514 298-5045

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Thanks, Alain! Having suffered from a shattered heel and a broken ankle 7 months ago and using crutches and canes for the last 6 months, the Magnesphere has me walking and without pain within only 4 sessions. After the first session my heel and ankle immediately felt better. I walked out without the crutches and with very little pain. It's unbelievable. I have not used crutches since. The Magnespere has worked for me.