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At Action Sport Physio West Island, our team is made up of 30 of the best certified professionals in the field within the greater West Island area. As do all the professionals in Action Sport Physio’s network, our professionals strive to offer superior customer care in an enjoyable atmosphere and they pride themselves on helping you get back into shape and back to life!  

Our clinic, the first clinic in the Action Sport Physio network, was founded in 1987 at the Mirabel Tennis Club. We are community oriented and work in collaboration with the CNESST and SAAQ. 

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APPQ (Association des policères et policiers provinciaux du Québec)
Association de football de L'Île-Bizard
Association de football du Lakeshore
Association de soccer de Lachine
Association de soccer Pierrefonds
Association régionale de soccer du Lac Saint-Louis
Association récréative civique Montréal-Ouest
CÉGEP Gérald Godin 
CLUB COOP P.P.M (Coopérative de consommation des policiers et policières de Montréal)
Future Electronics
Sheila Dance Pierrefonds



3883 Saint-Jean Blvd. 6th floor Dollard-des-Ormeaux, Quebec H9G 3B9
PHONE: 514 624-2424 Fax: 514 624-4494 Emergency: 514 298-5045

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I started seeing Claudio Mikhail, a massage therapist, at the clinic. I was hesitant at first because I did try massage therapy before, but I could not feel the massage due to the tightness in my muscles and the inability of the therapist to apply enough pressure. However, with Claudio, it was different. After just one visit, the tightness in my shoulders decreased. He was even able to pinpoint the weaknesses in both my shoulders and lower back, which could explain the constant pain in my elbows. He showed me a few strengthening exercises that I can do at home or on the go. I followed his advice and started doing the exercises on a regular basis as well as having a treatment with him once a week or two weeks. After about two weeks, my shoulders started straightening out and the pain in my elbows started decreasing. The pain is far from gone, but considering that I did not see any improvements in the last year after trying various therapy techniques, I am glad to finally see some much-needed positive results. Claudio is not only knowledgeable about various massage techniques, he also possesses an extensive knowledge about the musculoskeletal and nervous systems. Moreover, he is great at guiding the patient through the exercises he recommends. He takes his time, loves to chat, he is a great multi-tasker, and he listens and adjusts his program per my individual progress and current aches. The distance I travel to come to the clinic just to see him should be an indicator alone of how great he is. I live in Montreal North and I travel 30 Km each way to the West Island because of his skills. With his experience, I am surprised that he was only recently hired at the clinic, but he is a great addition to the team the clinic currently has. The entire administrative staff is also amazing. They answer the phone quickly, are always polite and enthusiastic, and easily remember each customer. They even remember my schedule preference and gave me a call when someone cancelled in order to give me an appointment that was more in tune with my heavy schedule