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Our vision is to win the confidence and loyalty of our patients with the help of our trained, honest, intelligent, ethical, punctual, safe and grateful personnel.  Our personnel works as a team to make sure that our clinic is one of the most advanced in its field.  Our team is made up of some of the best professionals in the field in the Greater Montreal Area.

We want to align our goals with the needs and goals of our community so that we can give back to our patients.  We work towards efficiency by respecting our engagements, by treating and communicating with our patients and by referring them to our professionals, to ensure and adequate and superior service.



14-A, Westminster Avenue North Montreal West, Quebec H4X 1Y9
PHONE: 514 485-9292 Fax: 514 485-9295 Emergency: 514 880-0353

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I began my journey at Action Sport Physio 4 and a half years ago on a sunny May afternoon. I was just ending my third semester of University. I was very shy and the evening receptionist position I accepted from Ronny Varga was about to change my life. Overwhelmed with a new world of healing I was unfamiliar with, I had to challenge my personal client service capabilities with the shyness I was working to overcome. I was immediately comfortable with my surroundings. The team at Action Sport Physio-Montreal West quickly became a team of professionals I would grow to highly respect. They were so patient, accepting and willing to teach me the tools I would need to allow me to help our patients arriving in need of information and treatment. When I found myself graduating from university I was openly willing to accept the full time position we had available at the clinic as a career path. Shortly after, I was shocked to be promoted to Vice-President Administration. I could not see myself working anywhere else. The team that's handpicked by Ronny has grown and changed over the last few years and the clinic has grown and changed over the last few years as well. The clinic improvements have allowed us to provide an even better personalized quality of service to our clients and our ever growing team and vibe have always stayed the same. I am so proud to say that I joined an amazing team of professionals.