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Our vision is to win the confidence and loyalty of our patients with the help of our trained, honest, intelligent, ethical, punctual, safe and grateful personnel.  Our personnel works as a team to make sure that our clinic is one of the most advanced in its field.  Our team is made up of some of the best professionals in the field in the Greater Montreal Area.

We want to align our goals with the needs and goals of our community so that we can give back to our patients.  We work towards efficiency by respecting our engagements, by treating and communicating with our patients and by referring them to our professionals, to ensure and adequate and superior service.

We also offer our services to a private clientele, workers compensation (CNESST), IVAC and SAAQ clientele.


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APPQ (Association des policères et policiers provinciaux du Québec)
Association de Football du Lakeshore
Association de soccer de Lachine
Association de soccer Pierrefonds
Association régionale de soccer du Lac Saint-Louis
Association récréative civique Montréal-Ouest
CÉGEP Gérald Godin 
CLUB COOP P.P.M (Coopérative de consommation des policiers et policières de Montréal)
Future Electronics
Sheila Dance Pierrefonds
Soccer League YUL



14-A, Westminster Avenue North Montreal West, Quebec H4X 1Y9
PHONE: 514 485-9292 Fax: 514 485-9295 Emergency: 514 515-5998

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Having had lower back pain (injury) in the past the treatment by Sabrina immediately started the healing. I believe the therapy process helped me greatly reduce the need for any medication. After 5 sessions and following my “at home” recovery I feel great. Understanding the need to be a patient with patience is and has always increased my recovery time. Sabrina was knowledgeable, friendly and made the recovery more tolerable. I would recommend all to having their physio with Sabrina.