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4 Ways to Fight Off the Winter Blues

The arrival of autumn is marked by light periods that are shorter and of lower intensity (100,000 lux in the summer compared to 2,000 lux in the winter). This lack of natural light at this time of year affects many people, who say they feel more tired, less motivated and even more irritable.

Light plays an important role in regulating our internal biological clock. Our body has specific cycles which, when unbalanced, affect the secretion of hormones and have an impact on our moods, among other things. This phenomenon, which affects people living in our planet’s Northern Hemisphere, is normal and should be of rather short duration.

However, for some people, the problem is more important because it is recurrent, it persists until the arrival of spring and the intensity of the symptoms damages their usual functioning. It could turn out to be seasonal depression, also called "seasonal affective disorder". A medical consultation is therefore recommended. In this case, the doctor may prescribe medication and/or suggest a follow-up with a mental health professional.

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